About aiMEe (7)

whats about this girl? i'm just the average girl... the best word to describe me is I'm "simply aimee" .. minsan pag bored tahimik ako... pero pag super bored... i do something about it!!! nagiging madaldal ako.. :DD .. I'll do anything to kill my boredom!! :3 .. si aimee ay ang tipong babae na ayaw sa sobrang mababa at ayaw din sa sobrang mataas... kung gets niyo that good... kung hindi.. sorry.. hirap i-explain eh... minsan masama ako pero most of the time.. mabait naman.. just don't make fun of me.. cuz if you do... baka kung anong banat magawa ko at ma speechless ka diyan... hobbies ko are dancing... singing... encoding.. swimming.. smiling.. chatting.. texting. doing chores (sometimes... pag nasa mood.. hehe.. sshhh.. xD) .. picturing myself.. likes entertaining guest kung meron man sa bahay... hehehe... para ma aliw din naman sila ng onte... hehehe.. I also love spending times with my family... cousins.. and relatives... kahit na I'm getting old... and my younger cousins are getting old also... they still want to play with me.. I'm seizing the moment with my cousins.. because someday I know.. things will be hard.. sayang yung opportunity... kahit 4-7 years agwat namin ng cousins ko... kahit na hindi ko trip yung nilalaro namin.. I still ride with it.. just to see the smile.. sometimes people don't understand me... then they'll say I'm insane.. but if they knew whats the reason... they would understand... madali lang naman akong kausap... I'm a good listener... its fun being me... and I hope its also fun being you... I won't lose hope... because I know that God is here to accept me for who I am... He's always there for me... I'm a 100% God Believer,. =) salamat sa pag tiyagang basahin ito hanggang huli.. thank you!